Sign at Texas restaurant threatens a $50 fee ‘If I have to explain why masks are mandatory’

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Here’s some uplifting news. Our nationwide 7 day average for new COVID cases is down to 13k. 10k is that magic number we’ve been chasing. We’re almost there!


Seems fair. They should add a 40% service charge for having to explain why your well done ribeye took more than 10 minutes to cook.


One particularly snowy winter a small business here offered a 10% discount to anyone who did not mention the weather. It’s tiresome having the same conversation two hundred times a day.


I agree with this, stupidity should be fined.


For the dumbs crying about a *mask* in a *restaurant* and also too dumb to read an article: >”All we ask is that customers wear a mask as they walk past another person that is eating and not wearing a mask,” she wrote. “Sure doesn’t seem like a lot to ask…but apparently it is.”