Simple/Short/Silly Questions Saturday, June 05, 2021

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When trains were first becoming mainstream in America, was there an “anti-train” group that denounced the technology as evil?


What’s a current widely accepted historical fact that you feel will be proven to be false in the near future? And coveresely, what was a wild historical claim that you used to find hard to believe but do so now due more evidence?


Why are so many things named after the French? French vanilla, French lavender, French toast, French fries, French kissing…


During the Ice Age a lot more land was exposed, for example Beringia, the land bridge that connected North America and Asia. So during that time were there civilizations that existed that are forever lost because they are now underwater? Not just underwater, but under the sea, the Bering Strait is notoriously difficult to navigate.


What’s the earliest time we for sure knew people wore nail polish (or something similar in nature) and how do we know when they started doing it?