Supercomputer Embarks on Effort to Help Map the Universe, Dark Energy and All. Researchers aim to create a three-dimensional map by capturing light from more than 30 million galaxies and quasars.

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It will be interesting to see the results and if it contradicts any previous data collected


Just as long as we get a “you are here” in case we get lost


NERSC has always impressed when it comes to the scientific HPC scene. Glad to see them continuing to push the envelope. Is it me, or is it a little funny to name a supercomputer after someone who’s still alive? I wonder if Saul Perlmutter gets extra allocation on the cluster that has his name on it, haha.


Been looking forward to this launch! Running on AMD’s EPYC Zen3 based CPU’s alongside Nvidia’s A100, a powerhouse for sure! That being said much faster systems coming online later this year and next. Exciting times in the world of HPC and what it will enable us to simulate and then understand.


“The supercomputer includes more than 6,000 Nvidia Corp. A100 Tensor Core graphics processing units”. DAYUM!!!