The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles – America’s EV charging station infrastructure is woefully lacking.

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America’s ~~EV charging station~~ infrastructure is woefully lacking


We have a shell station across from a BP station across from a circle K, and every quarter of a mile after that is an exxon and sunoco. And yet to charge my electric vehicles I have to drive to a hotel, car dealer, or a charge point at a public park. ​ Build some damn cafe charge stations!


Is shocking the amount of redditors that doesn’t have any empathy. “I make $150k per year, my HCol house and work has power station, why this haven’t take off yet?”


Electric cars are too expensive. Even if infrastructure was there the average person would struggle to buy a brand new electric car. There’s a reason why the 2nd hand car market is as big as it is.


And Big Oil wants it to stay that way.