The Harry Potter universe is surprisingly peaceful, considering everyone is constantly carrying an object that can blow up, kill and torture people.

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Between the massive labyrinthine prisons and the normalized slavery, constant child endangerment and disappearances into spoopy magic forests, it’s entirely possible that people do those things with their wands on the regular and it’s just among the normalized barbarism of the Wizarding World


It strikes me that the Harry Potter universe is a pretty libertarian place. Everyone goes to private school and there doesn’t appear to be any penalty for not sending your kids, it doesn’t look like anything remotely resembling building codes or zoning laws exist, the money system is still clearly based on an organically-derived and metals-based system, and like you said: everyone is armed and the primary defense against crime in the story is a civilian militia.


Wands don’t kill people, wizards do.


It takes a great deal of power and concentration to do any real damage in Harry Potter. Most people wouldn’t be able to kill anyone or blow up much more than a mailbox. We spend a lot of time with the most powerful wizards that have ever existed (dumbledore, voldy, Harry) so that skews our perception. Even Harry fails to hurt someone who had essentially just killed his father.


Well, if *everyone* is carrying a weapon that can do such harm, that also means *everyone* has a weapon to defend themselves. Besides, it’s not like an average wizard could do much against more than one opponent. Barring that you’re an exceptionally powerful wizard like Dumbledore, you’re only going to get the chance to hurt or kill one other wizard before someone else throws an “expelliarmus” at you and leaves you powerless.