The Pandemic Might Have Killed Off Some Flu Strains for Good

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>In the U.S. this winter, the flu essentially disappeared, causing only a single reported pediatric death (most seasons kill 100 to 200 kids). Flu only has an normal R of about 1.5. It doesn’t take much in the way of social distancing to cut it right back to under 1 and kill an outbreak.


It seems obvious that Corona is harder to control than the Flu. But I wonder if the combination of vaccines plus social distancing and mask during flu season could also kill off most Corona strains.


The massive new practices in personal hygiene and social protocols should make a big difference in lessening communicable diseases in the future


If anything it this hopefully encourages mask wearing to continue like it is in Asia currently.


I always remember the ending of spawn movie when the bad guy dies and drains into fireplace. And everyone is saying “we’re safe” and you hear the bad guys voice “for now”.