The state of Alabama took his gun away. When authorities gave it back, he shot and killed his wife.

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Would be great if the headline or title mentioned he lost his gun because he shot her in another assault incident which she survived. She left him and got a restraining order against him, but because he’s a cop the judge gave him his gun back and he killed her. ETA: Apparently the judge did not give him his gun back, but another state authority that should have known his possession of it was prohibited.


> The ALEA report does not include any reference to a chilling 13-minute recording of a conversation between McIntosh and Montgomery that Montgomery’s attorney says she gave the agency. On the tape, reviewed by NBC News, McIntosh talked about his fascination with serial killers and how planning mass shootings was a “soothing thought” that helped him sleep at night. He also told his wife he’d felt the urge to beat her to death with a tennis racket, and if he did do it he’d stand over her body and say, “Laugh now, bitch.” This was months before they gave his gun back. Also: > According to Nichols, Alabama and 28 other states have statutes mirroring a federal law that says anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime or subject to a restraining order is prohibited from possessing a gun. Whoever this “Agent Vince Cunningham” is who gave him his gun back took a fat shot on state protocol.


The failure was on the prosecutors who never pursued DV charges. Almost certainly because he was a cop. If the gun hadn’t been returned, he was legally allowed to just go purchase another one. Edit: Since so many replies make the same point, the article says >A spokesperson for ALEA said, “If ALEA had not returned the weapon, Mr. McIntosh could have legally purchased a firearm.” But McIntosh’s attorney noted that even though his client could have bought another gun, he never did. If both the state law enforcement agency and his personal defense attorney believe that he could legally purchase it, I suspect there’s enough confusion about orders against cops that don’t explicitly state ‘no guns’ that a background check wouldn’t have flagged it either.


Being the wife of a cop seems to be more dangerous than actually being a cop


“McIntosh, 6’4″ and 225 pounds, told the responding officers that during the struggle he thought Montgomery had his cell phone in her hand. According to the report, McIntosh said it was only when the gun went off and the bullet hit his wife that he realized they’d been fighting over a gun.” Only a cop could get away with such a bullshit story… And then get his gun back less than a year later.