TIL A man was forced to tweet for help when he got locked in a department store after falling asleep on a massage chair. The man awoke to a deserted shop floor after dozing off in an electronics store in Japan.

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Buy. That. Chair.


I know a guy who passed out in a bar bathroom. Woke up in the middle of the night, tried to leave and got trapped between the door and the security gate


I was once in a bookstore in Sacramento. I obviously lost track of time and was in a corner that no one checked. I walked up to the counter with a book and couldn’t find a cashier. I go over to the office, knock on the door and nothing. I walk to the front door, test it and it’s locked. I searched throughout the store and no one else was there! I found a phone under the counter with a list of numbers next to it. I start dialing until I got a hit. The lady I talked to was like, “WTF? You could’ve just opened the front door!” I told her, “Yeah and that would leave the bookstore wide open ’til morning…so can you come down and let me out?” 30 minutes later, she shows up with a guy and we have a conversation about how I got locked in. We all ended up going to sushi together, and yes, I paid for the book. Totally fucking weird being left in a business with it all locked up.


If only the device he tweeted from could have been used to directly contact emergency services. Also.. did the store not have a fire/ emergency exit???


I’m pretty sure that I would have just gone back to sleep and waited for the store to open