TIL Chinese Mythology also has a Great Flood Myth. Unlike the Biblical story, humans fought the flood, led by the mythical heroes Prince Gun and his son, Yu the Engineer, who battled evil demons & solicited the aid of gods & dragons to build massive drainage basins & mighty dams to end the flooding.

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As humans tend to live near coasts and rivers it is kind of obvious all cultures have experienced massive flooding, being Dutch i can tell you stories


A lot of cultures have a unique version of a flood myth. I’ve heard a Cree myth (the Cree are one of the North American Indigenous Nations) about a flood. The Wisakachak (a trickster spirit/creature) caused a flood, then created a raft and saved a bunch of animals. Some of these were a beaver, muskrat, raven, and wolf. After days of all these animals being on the raft, the wolf dives deep into the water and retrieves some earth (soil), and the Wisakachak used magic to make it grow into islands and reform the world. There are a few different versions of the story though, one has the creator remaking the world. I saw one where the muskrat retrieves the earth instead. In the version I sort of remember I think several of the animals tried to dive down first and I think I remember the otter drowning, but at last one was successful. Since seasonal floodings are relatively common and most of humanity lived near rivers/waterways for generations, it doesn’t suprise be that there are a lot of myths and stories about legendary floods.


There’s a reason why they call the Yellow River China’s sorrow. The tragic flooding from that alone could explain their culture having flood myths.


Pretty much every civilization has a flood myth.


In addition to this, Yu later became the king of China and established the Xia dynasty.