TIL in 1888, an Egyptian farmer discovered a cavern packed with tens of thousands of mummified cats dating to ancient Egyptian times. They were sold to British merchants by the ton, and were mainly used in Liverpool as fertilizer.

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Ultimately, returned to the earth. Brilliant.


Mummies are very common, Europeans used to grind them up and eat them


Bet that farmer couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dead cat.


Look up honey mumified bodies people consume the honey as honey never goes off, the person consumes vasts amounts of honey before death and the body is surrounded by honey in a sarcophagus so it preserves the body and the honey is still edible and people eat it


I know not everyone feels the same way about pets/animals, but can you imagine someone digging up your, say, dead granny to use as fertilizer in some garden somewhere? Cats had a special place of honor in Egypt, and it feels a little weird reading that someone dug them up for sale. Why not just let them rest where they were buried? I dunno, maybe it’s just me.