TIL In 1980 a dingo ate an Australian couple’s baby while camping, causing the mother to sentenced to life in prison for murder. Three years later, the babies clothes were found near a dingo lair.

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That’s gotta be traumatic as fuck


Australia was on a witch hunt and Lindy Chamberlain was going to be found guilty one way or another, the local aborigines said babies being stolen by dingoes, has happened before and would happen again, guess who found the babies clothes a long time later? Guess who’s testimony was not allowed in court? This woman was vilified from the off, some lovely “locals” even went as far as to say she was in a cult and a devil worshipper.


Fucking shameful. As a kid growing up, my parents would yell at the tv because they had experience with dingoes and knew the truth. Australia fucked the Chamberlains over, especially the media. Fucking shameful


Im Australian and whenever anyone mentions the lady from this story. My mother always brings up the time when she lived in a second story appartment and my infant brother crawled up a couch, onto an end table and out onto a windowsil. She found him and saved him from falling but she always says “nobody would have believed me if he fell, they would think I threw him out the window because it was so hard for a baby to get where he was. I would have been sent to jail like ‘that lady’.” I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child but being fasely convicted of it must be soul destroying.


The worst thing about this is that both the judge, prosecution and countless journalists were given evidence that dingos not only could, but have tried to drag people’s babies away. And of course they ignored every last word of it