TIL in 2018 a French historical theme park named Puy du Fou trained six Rooks, a member of the crow family, to pick up cigarette butts and trash. When one of them takes a piece of trash to a special box the device dispenses bird food.

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Why is this not used more?! Having lived in Portland Oregon for nearly a decade, I can honestly say, a cigarette butt-less walk seems impossible AND there’s a million crows sitting around doing NOTHING


OK now birds also have to work for lazy humans.


If they were truly French birds a cigarette would be dispensed.


I should read the article but IIRC the amount they collected wasn’t enough to make any kind of dent. Also how (un)healthy this was for the birds was questioned Bc ya know. Cigarettes butts. Also cigarette butts break down after what 2 years I believe? Just checked and it says 18 months to 10 years so. Yeah.


Pity we can’t train Humans to do the same with their rubbish.