TIL In the United States, some 50% of homes had garbage disposal units as of 2009, compared with only 6% in the United Kingdom and 3% in Canada

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I’m genuinely shocked that the UK is as high as 6%. I’ve lived and worked across the UK and Ireland, and never seen one.


Based on the comments in here, seems like a lot of people are using them incorrectly. They are supposed to be for the small inconsequential scraps that are left over by chance when you’re washing dishes, not for throwing chicken bones into. You should most definitely scrape any big leftovers into the compost/trash before they hit the sink. Also, rinse your plates before putting them in the dishwasher—you heathens!


My favorite is when something small falls into them and you have to reach you hand into it while your butt puckers at the thought of it turning on while wrist deep in the stink hole with teeth.


Interestingly, in the area where I live now, they have been mandatory in any new home built in the last 25 years or more (and most older homes have them too.) In the area I grew up, they were (and may still be) prohibited.


As a kid I did not understand why people in TV shows just dumped everything in the sink. These things just don‘t exist where I live. (Austria/Europe)