TIL Thailand declared war on USA on 25 January 1942, but the Thai ambassador to USA, Seni Pramoj, refused to deliver the declaration of war. Instead he started organizing a resistance movement against Japan, the Free Thai Movement.

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Not a lot of people outside of history buffs know about the Axis countries that weren’t Germany, Japan or Italy, its an underlooked piece of Second World War history.


Yeah basically Thailand wanted no part of the conflict, but Japan invaded and put the gun to their heads. Pramoj was pretty brave to do what he did, Japan was notoriously ruthless to their enemies.


This reminds me of the Peter Sellers film “The Mouse That Roared” about a small country that attacked the United States in the hopes they would lose and America would spend millions rebuilding their country (as they tend to do) but instead, they accidentally won the war and didn’t know what to do.


There is an old joke, that one of Soviet republics – Latvia – asked Moscow for independence. Moscow refused. Then they asked for independence for 1 year. Moscow refused. Then, they asked for independence for 1 day. After some thinking, Moscow agreed. At 9:00 am Latvia declared war to Sweden. At noon Latvia surrendered.


Thailand was one of the least enthusiastic Axis powers. They just didn’t want the *Kempeitai* to rampage across their country.