Vietnam bans all religious events after Protestant church service triggers COVID cluster. The city district of Go Vap, where the church is based, has been locked down.

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God will understand, stay home.


Our pastor would say “you don’t need to be at church to have a relationship with God”. Corinthians 6:19 your body is a temple and all that.


Yay Vietnam! I am very impressed how that country has totally turned it around from the devastation of the war. There are still problems but they are on the right track economically and socially


The absence of weekly mass religious gatherings in Confucian/traditional Chinese influenced cultures is probably a contributing factor in Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, and even China’s success. Obviously there are a ton of other reasons, but there’s no indigenous religious super-spreader events like Christian/Muslim congregations. In fact many of the outbreaks in Vietnam and South Korea are specifically linked to churches, like we see here.


As my pastor once said, “This building is not the church. You take the church with you wherever you go.”