‘We were deceived’: hundreds protest in Venice at return of giant cruise ships

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On the show, Somebody Feed Phil, Philip Rosenthal talks with some of the locals who explain that part of the issue with these cruise ships is that people are not staying in hotels or enjoying fine dining, etc. – the tourists from the cruise ships create crowds and inflict more wear and tear on the city and it’s not proportional to the amount of revenue they bring in. (S02E01?)


Covid should have killed the cruise line industry. Floating disease and pollution factories powered by slave wages.


But they were all of them deceived, for another cruise ship was made…


Back when they announced the ban, lots of people said it was just lip service because the alternate location wasn’t ready for giant cruise ships. They allocated millions to upgrade the industrial port years ago, the money is gone (into various pockets), and nothing was done. NOW they’ve started the talk again but they haven’t even allocated funds for the upgrade yet.


150 showed up to protest? Town I live in had 200 people show up to protest Taco Bell closing.