what fictional character do you hate with every fiber of your being?

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Dolores Umbridge.


Percy from The Green Mile. Complete twat.


That preaching bitch from “The Mist”


Obvious answer: Grandpa Joe. 1. There is the obvious answer that he basically let his daughter slave off for 20 years before revealing he could walk, JUST to visit some chocolate factory. In addition to that, he constantly smoked tobacco, and back in Roald Dahl’s days, tobacco was expensive. So basically, he forced/guilttripped his OWN DAUGHTER into spending her hard earned money to buy tobacco for him whilst the other grandparents had to live off cabbage soup and no luxuries? 2. Let’s not forget that he was the one that convinced Charlie to take the Gobstopper. He was so greedy, he didnt even stop to think that Charlie was genuinely interested in WW and his chocolate factory. Did GJ care? NO HE DIDNT. All he cares about is exploiting enough money off the backs of his labouring family to purchase some of that good tobacco for his own use. FUCK GJ, he didnt even have an ounce of care in his heart for Charlie. 3. And at the end of the story, did GJ apologise to WW? NO. IT WAS ALL CHARLIE. Bless charlie’s soul, he didn’t deserve GJ. FUCK GJ, he was fine with just taking the Gobstoppee to slugworth. FUCK GJ 4. I actually find it kind of funny that GJ was portrayed as a “hero” here. Like “oh look, its GJ and Charlie, the heroes of the story”. BUT NO! CHARLIE WAS THE ONLY HERO IN THE STORY. In fact, GJ is the true villain, but charlie overcame him. I have no idea why the author of the story decided to portray GJ as part of the heroes. Which brings me to my last point. GJ IS ABLE TO MANIPULATE THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS. This would explain how his daughter still “loves” him although all he did was jack shit all these years. This would explain why charlie still “loves” him although he actively prevented charlie from doing what he loved. He even manipulated the readers into thinking that he is “good” This power is manipulation and it is EVIL. Thus, GJ is evil.