What is far deadlier than most people realize? [serious]

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Putting feet/legs on dash of car


Abscessed teeth can kill you.


Eating a slug. Obviously it’s nasty, but kids do stupid shit as dares or even in hazing rituals. Slugs contain parasites that will get into your brain and fucking kill you slowly.


Insulin, looking at drops on a table you can barely tell the difference between the therapeutic dose and a lethal one Edit- if anyone can find the actual image of 2 doses of insulin on a table I’d super appreciate it. I was going to post the link for reference but I couldn’t find it


Fights. People are way too eager to prove who’s the bigger badass. Hit someone the wrong way or start something with the wrong person and someone’s not going home. Then if the police show up, someone’s getting charged. Depending on the severity of the other parties injuries and the word of witnesses, you could be going away for a very long time. Not to mention the civil suites that may bury you in debt.