What rule from work/school made you think “what happened here to have this rule made”?

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Do not enter the secure corridor and let the first door shut behind you if you do not have the code for the second door. I know why.Some complete idiot got trapped between the doors for five hours. *It might have been me*


Our Middle school had a rule: >**”No bicycle helmets allowed in the school building!”.** When the weather was nice a lot of us rode bicycles and we all wore riding helmets since it was a school rule and we could get put in detention if we showed up on a bicycle not wearing one. There were hooks above the bike rack outside to hang our riding helmets on, but we all wondered about that strange rule about not bringing them indoors. Once I was chatting with the assistant principal and I happened to ask him about it, and he said a few years before one girl used hers as a weapon and swung it at and really clonked another girl with it hard enough that she fell against the lockers.


This was written for one class I was in and my class only Do NOT put your finger in the pencil sharpener This was an “advanced” class


At the student society: If you’ve been a member for 15 years, you’re allowed to ride your motorcycle into the dining hall. No one knew why the rule existed and no one had ever made it to 15 years since you can’t be a member once you graduate. People just assumed someone made it up one day while drunk. Until I asked my dad about it, he was at the same uni in the 70’s, and a member of the same society. He told me it was a special treat for one of the janitors of the building when he had worked there for 15 years. A bunch of students hauled his motorcycle up to the second floor and he was allowed to start it in the staircase, and then ride into to dining hall. The rule was then added that any student who made it to 15 years would be allowed to do the same.


My university residence first year had a strict “No Octopi allowed in dorms” rule posted at the front desk. No mention of other aquatic creatures.