What’s the worst thing you’ve had happen to your genitals?

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Slid down a board I was using as a slide when I was around 4 or 5. There was a nail in it and tore open my scrotum and my mom said the doctors used 5 or 6 stitches to close it.


I have a skin disease called lichen sclerosus which primarily affects the genital area. It makes the skin go all white, thin, and crinkly and it tears and bruises really easily. It’s quite painful and itchy as hell. When left untreated, the scar tissue can be permanently disfiguring. Before my doctor figured out what it was, I had to drop out of uni because it was causing me so much pain I couldn’t sit down, and I spent all day every day for about three months with ice packs down my pants. Thankfully, it is easily treated with topical steroids, and now I’m fine.


Drinking tea nude in bed. Spilled boiling water right on my penis. Second place, going to bed and cat snuggles on top of my chest. As she does she digs her claws into my nipple. I scream, she leaps into the air and lands right on my balls.


Botched circumcision This isnt something ive told many people in my life but for the sake of the question ill speak on this. I was born in Iran and grew up there till I was 8. In Iran its mandatory for boys to be circumcised, but its usually early after birth. I had my circumcision a little late, like when I was 5 or 6. My mom decided to take me to a local doctor instead of a public hospital since hospitals in Iran usually had a dirty and grim environment, and my mom trusted our local doctor much more. On the day we went in, this guy was sorta visibly drunk. I was instructed to lay on this bed and of course didnt have my pants on. There was a TV above my head and I was watching it while he went on with the circumcision. There were anesthetics used, so I couldnt feel anything down there. I would peek down there at times and I saw the first incision happen which caused blood to come out, but he assured me it was all okay. At some point everyone was in panic and rushing, The doctor hurriedly picked me up and took me to his car with my mom, everyone panicking and in a hurry. I didn’t understand what was going on, I wasnt feeling anything down there and frankly I was a little bit out of it. I was rushed to the hospital and never understood what was happening. I spent 2 or 3 weeks in the hospital. So, what happened? The doctor made an error, and cut off the ENTIRE tip of my penis. By some miracle, this amazing surgeon managed to surgically put it back, and by some more miracles the nerves started to reconnect, and my body accepted the reattached tip. It was painful, and it was a problem for a long time. What was the result? For about a few months I had no feeling on my tip, however it slowly but surely came back. The only issue was my urethra, it was displaced a little lower down the tip, and it wasnt growing at the same rate as my body, so my urethra would slowly close and my pee would be much narrower. What was the solution in iran? Sounding. Yes, sounding is a medical thing, not just a sexual fetish. I had had doctors do it on me, even my mom was instructed to do it for me every now and then, which broke her. Also please dont try sounding, its fucking painful. Basically it took a lot, but now I am here and its perfectly working, no issues whatsoever, I even get normal erections and everything. Only deformity I have is a line aorund my tip you can sorta tell might not be natural, and my hole isnt where everyone else’s hole is. Yeah, that really happened. Edit: This is obligatory on this website at this point, but thank you all for the support. I didn’t expect to come back to reddit sporting so much karma and love from you all. Whoever decided to gift me some gold, I appreciate it a lot, you really did not have to. I just want everyone to know that I am completely okay now, it has been many years since this incident and I rarely thought about it throughout my life to begin with. It was something I’d push away, but not with any intent. Eventually I realized I hadn’t thought about this incident for longer and longer periods of time.


Got my scrotum stuck in hair clippers that I was trying to shave my balls with. Luckily the cut wasnt too bad but I learnt that day your ball bag bleeds profusely from the smalles of cuts, it looked like a murder scene.