What’s your “damn I’m a badass” moment?

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This was kinda weird but couple years ago wife and I were driving home In the pouring rain from my moms house. She lives in Stafford va and the back roads are super curvey (sometimes makes me sick driving it). Anyways we roll up to a car spun up and the front is tore up. We pull up as we are the only ones there and see another car off to the ditch and side smashed into a tree. It’s a pretty deep ditch/side of the road and the guy in the the road is freaking out. I get out and Instantly get soaked. And talk to the guy. He’s a young dude and says he didn’t see the car and hit them dead on and they went down the side into the trees. I tell him to wait in my car and get my wife to call 911. I look at the car and see the front is smashed and smoking coming out from under the hood. I gulp and say to myself “fuck I’m about to see a headless person or someone with their guts hanging out” I slide down the side and I look and see older people in the car. Luckily they seem alive and alert but they can’t get out as the doors are stuck due to how the car is sitting on the ground and the wheels are destroyed. I have to literally rip the driver door back with the guy inside pushing so I can get him out. He’s kinda cut up and dazed. I get him out and he’s able to walk. His wife on the side her leg is messed up. I have to rip the door open myself as she’s out of it I put all my weight and Bend the door back enough to get to her. Her ankle is broken so I lift and carry her up the embankment and to the road. Luckily the ambulance and police arrive and I’m able to get her to the back. All things considering it came out better than one would assumed. Impressed myself and wife as I just acted and didn’t think just ran on instincts. It wasn’t really like the movies or anything. No one knew my name or asked for it. Cop didn’t give a shit or cared. Ambulance drove off with the couple to the hospital and the young guy that caused the wreck had his mom pick up as the cop wrote him a ticket got him his car and left. At that point I’m just soaking wet with cars trying to get around us. Anyways still felt good. Edit: wow. I go away to watch a movie and see this (quiet place 2. Liked it). Thank you for all the awards and comments. Appreciate it.


I was like 22 and my car wouldn’t start after work. Lots of googling and thought maybe it’s the starter. Used the tools in my trunk to remove the starter, walk to the parts store and had them test it. It was bad. Bought a new one, installed it, and drove home. Booyah bitches! Felt good to not have to call my dad or boyfriend to fix my car.


I saved my husband’s life using the Heimlich maneuver, on the first try, never having done it before.


I have a few moments that make me feel good about myself, but I’m going to talk about this because it happened when I was like 22, and it was one of my first “I’m an adult and I’m not half bad at it” moments. Was driving back really late after hanging with some friends, like 2 in the morning. It’s raining really hard and the roads are dangerously slick, some guy, well he less turns than slides onto the road ahead of me, going up this massive hill with a steep grade, and he isn’t controlling his car well. I see him fishtail a couple times but barely regain control, so I back way off and slow down. Not sure if he was drunk or just the rain, but I think to myself “he’s gonna lose it”, and sure enough when I round the next corner, there he is in the deep ditch. He was gunning the wheels and spewing mud and grass everywhere, but obviously couldn’t get out like that, and I’m sure his adrenaline was wrecking any chance at slow rational thought because he just went over a tiny cliff. I pulled over, got out in the rain waving my arms to get him to stop, told him what to do (go as slow as possible, angle the wheels the right way), but I noticed his hand shaking and ended up asking him to get out. I managed to get his car out of the ditch but when I went to give him back his keys I see his whole body is visibly shaking from the shock, so, I offered to give him a hug. We hug for what felt like 10 minutes (it was probably just a minute) and he started crying, I assume just that wave of relief after an adrenaline rush. He wasn’t drunk (or it wasn’t apparent), but he’s clearly not ok to drive, so when I thought he’d let most of it out I asked where he lived, which was just up the road a little ways. I checked that his car was ok to drive for a bit, that the radiator wasn’t busted, etc, told him to get in and drove him to his place, walked him inside and told him to not drive until the next day and to get his undercarriage checked. Walked back to my car in the rain and went home. Edit: Typo.


I just relocated and extended the outdoor water tap for my 70 year old widowed neighbor, and when I turned the water back on nothing leaked. Felt kind badass. Edit: This made my day 🙂 thanks for the comments! She’s thrilled she can now water her tomatoes!