Why America Must Stop Indoctrinating Children; Psychological Victimization

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>What I do think we should do as a society is try to introduce children to a plethora of different religious ideologies. Once they’ve reached adulthood, even if they have adopted what the family does as a unit, they at least have the ability to see a perspective different than their own, and not immediately try to destroy it. I never understood how a grown-up could look at a child before the age of 10 who is getting baptized, typically infants, and can rest assured knowing that the child has a full understanding of concepts like “immortality,” “ the rapture,” and the essence of “free will,” all while knowingly pledging their eternal soul to a specific deity. Keep in mind this is also the same child that sometimes has to be reminded to “not put their finger in that part of the doggy.”


As long as they’re indoctrinated into my religion it’s fine. All children should learn to love pasta, understand that they were created by a hungover Spaghetti Monster in a world he created while drunk and understand that as long as they’re not a douche they’ll enter heaven upon death where there’s a beer volcano and a stripper factory


I written this before but it fits here: Insecure, ignorant, vulnerable people are very easy to control and the government are well aware of this which is why it is in the best interests of their psychotic profiteering to ensure that America stays in the laughable state that it is currently in. Buy guns, worship invisible sky wizards, bankrupt yourself just to stay healthy and never, ever accept any sort of criticism.


The problem there is that if we didn’t allow parents to indoctrinate their children religion would have died out or at least be the province of a handful of lunatics on the outer reaches of the lunatic fringe. Can’t have that though. Too much profit in prophets. Fuck the future, right?