At least 100 cats, 1 dog rescued in ‘largest cat hoarding case in the history of Arkansas’

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Can you imagine the smell? Those poor animals.


Can’t wait to see the Netflix special on this!


Why is that dog hoarding so many cats… what a nutter


Years ago I was looking for odd jobs and landed one cleaning out someone’s garage. The woman who hired me was concerned about rodents and didn’t want her husband to know she had hired anyone – she wanted tell him she was doing the cleaning. Fine.

She confides in me that her husband is a “bit of a hoarder” so this needed to be done while he wasnt around, or he would insist on keeping things.

So, I get going, and it’s a wreck, there’s stuff in this garage from God knows when, which is weird because they’re weren’t that old – they had kids under 10.


You know that dog is freakin’ happy about this.


Pope voices ‘pain’ over Canadian deaths, doesn’t apologize

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If we are not going to arrest and prosecute these serial pedophiles and murderers, tax the living shit out of them. I think that is what they would fear most.


Everyone knows the Catholic Church is corrupt as hell – but the fact remains that those re-education center/ prison-schools operated under a decree from parliament.

Politicians are deflecting blame off themselves, and the Church is pleading ignorance, as is usual.


The Catholic Church has had more child sexual abuse scandals in the past 40 years. Just move the child rapists to the next church and it starts all over with the next flock.

From the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools, the majority of them run by Catholic missionary congregations, in a campaign to assimilate them into Canadian society.

The Canadian government has admitted that physical and sexual abuse was rampant in schools, with students beaten for speaking their native languages.


They haven’t apologized ever and aren’t going to start now, let alone look into its killings of children and sexual abuse problem


“Pain” is the papist word for “thoughts and prayers”.


Man throws severed head at voting station in Mexico, authorities find hands

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>It was not immediately clear whether the violence was related to the election.

It seems like that’s one thing that would be immediately clear.


The article doesn’t even bother asking who’s head it was, they talk about it like the guy dug it out of his bag of heads and hands that probably came from all the missing people nobody’s bothered to count.


now that’s how you do voter suppression


I love my country I just wish it wasn’t such a massive shitshow.


>It was not immediately clear whether the violence was related to the election.

Are severed heads thrown at voting stations outside of elections?


Full human genome sequenced 20 years after the first draft

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> By making the data available on public repositories and preprint servers, McClelland adds, the consortium “has allowed us, and many others, to start making use of the new reference immediately.”

I don’t know how they got away with this, but it’s awesome. I mean, I get the argument that humanity isn’t really copyright-able, but that doesn’t mean this newly found data and isn’t something someone would try to keep protected to profit from. It took new machinery and new approaches to complete this, so there’s clearly something novel and expensive required to get this data and that usually means it’s held hostage from the world for profit. But somehow not in this case. So for whatever agreement that predates this that made this possible, I’m grateful.


For those of us with little to no background with this kind of stuff what does this mean for humanity?


Excellent work by T2T Consortium for filling in the gaps on Human Genome after 2 decades


What does this mean? They obviously haven’t sequenced every human alive

I’ll never understand people downvoting for asking questions on reddit. I’m just here to learn y’all and some other folks posted some great answers.


So what can we do with this info?


Manhunt on for suspect who shot Dunkin’ Donuts manager in head during pre-dawn robbery

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The female mother of two children died for estimated at best $60.00 per cash register. 3 per station including the drive thur $180.00 total.

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person involved and anybody with any information regarding this case is urged to contact police.


Most registers at the start of the day do not carry more than $100. Employees will let a robber take whatever is in that register. This robber killed this mother of two in cold blood.


Clear picture of the perp. Hope they catch him.


Give’s him the money, still shoots and kills her.



I’m reminded of a quote, “If you’re considering a life of crime, you’re not smart enough for a life of crime.”

If he stole the money and left, there wouldn’t be a manhunt. Officers would make an attempt, but if they don’t find him, they’ll just assume that the willl pick this loser up for something else. If this were the case, he has a chance to reform his life.

Instead, this idiot loser gets his money, murders the manager, and has ruined any chance of changing the arc of his life. He devastated a community over less than $200.

Fuck this piece of shit.


High court asked to review men-only draft registration law

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I registered on my 18th birthday at the post office in Texas.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project, who is urging the court to take up the issue, says requiring men to register imposes a “serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women.”


A lot of people apparently didn’t read the article. Here’s some clarification, followed by some quotes from the article to back it up. (Mobile is being really weird with some formatting shit though.)

1. This isn’t a case of “haha stupid feminists wanted equality and it bit them in the ass.” The article talks about how feminist women deliberately pushed for this case to be heard, as they have in the past, with feminist reasoning backing up the specific issue of women not being required to sign up alongside men.

2. The outcome of this case will not determine whether women will have to sign up for the draft. It will decide whether it is constitutional, and if they find it’s not constitutional, it will be up to congress to figure out what to do about it.

2a. The possibility of *no one* having to sign up rather than *everyone* is discussed.

3.How a male-only draft even survived sex-discrimination laws was explained here by its inextricable link to another controversial rule that stood for a long time: women in combat.

1. “Ria Tabacco Mar, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project, who is urging the court to take up the issue, says requiring men to register ‘imposes a serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women. It’s also sending a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict. We think those stereotypes demean both men and women…. The issue of who has to register for the draft has been to the court before. In 1981, the court voted 6-3 to uphold the men-only registration requirement. At the time, the decision was something of an outlier because the court was regularly invalidating gender-based distinctions in cases about other areas of the law. Many of those cases were brought by the founding director of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became a justice in 1993.”

2. “If the court agrees to hear the case, it wouldn’t be deciding whether women have to register, just whether the current system is constitutional.”

2a. “If it isn’t, then it would then be up to Congress to decide how to respond, either by passing a law requiring everyone to register or deciding registration is no longer necessary.”

3.The last time the high court considered the Military Selective Service Act, then-Justice William Rehnquist explained that the purpose of registration ‘was to prepare for a draft of combat troops.’ He said that because women could not serve in combat, the law was not unlawful sex discrimination that violated the Constitution… But military policy has changed. In 2013, the Department of Defense lifted the ban on women serving in combat. Two years later, the department said all military roles would be open to women without exception.”


Fuck yeah. No issue with women in military at all. Love it. But they should have to register for the draft too. It’s only equal.


They should just get rid of the draft altogether, it’s completely useless today. Last time there was a draft people were rioting and burning their draft cards in the streets, if there was one today im pretty sure they would have to draft people to fight against people fighting against the draft


The registration isn’t the problem, though, it’s basing the draft on gender that is blatantly illegal.


A federal judge ruled three years ago Crosley Green’s murder conviction couldn’t stand. Green still isn’t free

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The evidence in favour of his innocence is so overwhelming that I’d go so far as to say it proofs his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt!

Yet here we are with a corrupt DA and a shitty justice system who refuse to grant him the freedom he deserves. I really hope that he can sue the shit out of the state.


If the story is factual……
It’s not our job to debate the case, facts or the person. The court ruled the prosecution held back evidence. The poor with a pro bono lawyer don’t get justice. A wealthy person gets to attack and persecute that corrupt prosecutor.
The DA knows this and has the right to delay the inevitable .
Just another example of the well off abusing the system. There are no repercussions either. It is the prosecutor to enforce the judgement or appeal. Sounds like he does not like losing.


Where are the militia types all gung-ho for freedom now?


How people who have been shafted by malicious DA’s don’t come out seeking vengeance is beyond me. If someone f’d my life over that badly I’d want to return the favor.


Not to high jack the very important story here, but it is alarming the amount of people blaming the taxpayer for electing the people that allow/perpetuate this criminal behavior instead of damning “elected” individuals blatantly violating the laws they took an oath to enforce, and then protecting themselves, their friends and all of their interests. They’ll even resort to disinformation campaigns and media censorship. This is documented historical and modern fact.

Obligatory edit: u/questions_are_hard and u/PopcornBag pointed out how the use of “taxpayer” is often incorrectly used interchangeably with “citizen” and is kind of a pointless term since it is implied by citizenship to be taxed. Also, let’s please not forget that this post is about a man’s conviction being overturned only to still be locked in prison because the DA who put him there can’t admit mistakes were made, because their ego is more important to them than the principles of justice and human rights.


Covid: Twitter suspends Naomi Wolf after tweeting anti-vaccine misinformation – BBC News

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What kind of misinformation? Just like garden variety scaremongering or

> One tweet claimed that vaccines were a “software platform that can receive uploads”.



>Most recently, she tweeted that the urine and faeces of people who had received the jab needed to be separated from general sewage supplies while tests were done to measure its impact on non-vaccinated people through drinking water.

They are segregating our shit, people! WAKE UP!!!


This is clearly mental illness levels of crazy.


This was my favorite day on Twitter by far, though lmao
>Dr Wolf was also duped into tweeting a made up quote on an image of an American adult film star dressed up as a doctor.


I got Naomi Wolf and Naomi Klein confused for a moment, I’m relieved I was wrong.


Scientists Say They’ve Finally Sequenced the Entire Human Genome. Yes, All of It.

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Gene Hackman should have dedicated his life to this goal. Imagine the headline:

Gene Hackman Hacks the Genes of Man



Would you please ask them to splice the Asshole Gene out of me.


The personality one! The personality one!


So, what happens now?


I thought Craig Venter did this a decade or more ago?


I’m fairly ignorant about this, so this might be a silly question: Is the result the genome of one person or is it more generic than that?


‘Soon Enough I’ll Be Killed’: Threats Against Azerbaijani Dissident Intensify After Armenian Media Interview

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> Before dawn on October 6, 2020, Mirzali got inside his car in Nantes ready to begin his day as a deliveryman. Suddenly a man appeared from the darkness and tried to open the vehicle’s locked door. The stranger then pulled out a handgun and shot through the window, wounding Mirzali in the shoulder before the activist could drive away to safety.

> In March, Mirzali survived a daylight stabbing attack in the center of Nantes that left him with wounds so severe he lost about three liters of blood and underwent six hours of surgery.

Yeah, there is definitely reason to be worried.


How awful it must be to know that you’re pretty much a dead man walking because of the wrongs being committed to your people. How courageous to continue.


How can Formula 1 continue to race there when there are things like this happening and still push their message of “We Race As One”? Not to mention racing in Saudi Arabia and other such places.


Oops as a south korean myself, this reminds me of what North Korean government does to influential defectors who escaped the country. Truely Horrible


Cut down Aliyev and Erdogan. The era for those men is over.