94-Year-Old Alabama Grandma Gets High School Diploma after 79 years. When she was 16, she dropped out of high school so that her husband could fight in WW2.

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2 questions 1. She had a husband at the age of 16? 2. Why would her going to highschool prevent him from joining the army?


This guy in my town dropped out of high school to fight in I *think* Vietnam. They had a program where Vietnam vets got their diplomas automatically or something, but he didn’t apply for it until last week at the age of like 75


Okay, I’m confused. How did marrying her husband because he got drafted force her to drop out of school? Are they suggesting that if she didn’t he wouldn’t have been allowed to serve? Because I’m pretty certain that’s not the case. And public school is free, so it wouldn’t be a cost thing. Plus at their age combat pay must have been higher than whatever they were making before, so the household income would be going up, not down. I’m really curious what the details are here.


That’s what they did back then. Many people left school in eighth grade. Cheers to her.


16 year old Alabama girl drops out of high school so that her husband can go to war?