A federal judge ruled three years ago Crosley Green’s murder conviction couldn’t stand. Green still isn’t free

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The evidence in favour of his innocence is so overwhelming that I’d go so far as to say it proofs his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt! Yet here we are with a corrupt DA and a shitty justice system who refuse to grant him the freedom he deserves. I really hope that he can sue the shit out of the state.


If the story is factual…… It’s not our job to debate the case, facts or the person. The court ruled the prosecution held back evidence. The poor with a pro bono lawyer don’t get justice. A wealthy person gets to attack and persecute that corrupt prosecutor. The DA knows this and has the right to delay the inevitable . Just another example of the well off abusing the system. There are no repercussions either. It is the prosecutor to enforce the judgement or appeal. Sounds like he does not like losing.


Where are the militia types all gung-ho for freedom now?


How people who have been shafted by malicious DA’s don’t come out seeking vengeance is beyond me. If someone f’d my life over that badly I’d want to return the favor.


Not to high jack the very important story here, but it is alarming the amount of people blaming the taxpayer for electing the people that allow/perpetuate this criminal behavior instead of damning “elected” individuals blatantly violating the laws they took an oath to enforce, and then protecting themselves, their friends and all of their interests. They’ll even resort to disinformation campaigns and media censorship. This is documented historical and modern fact. Obligatory edit: u/questions_are_hard and u/PopcornBag pointed out how the use of “taxpayer” is often incorrectly used interchangeably with “citizen” and is kind of a pointless term since it is implied by citizenship to be taxed. Also, let’s please not forget that this post is about a man’s conviction being overturned only to still be locked in prison because the DA who put him there can’t admit mistakes were made, because their ego is more important to them than the principles of justice and human rights.