A man asks his doctor

“Doctor, Doctor! I ate one of those ‘Do not eat’ packages! Am I going to die now???” The doctor, a bit confused, responds: “…well, everyone is going to die eventually.” Man: “EVERYONE? Oh my god, what have I done…”

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When i was in college i ate one of those. In a panic i claled poison control who informed me ill just have massive diarrhea and shiukd start hydrating. As i was out fishing,that was concerning,but i found a camping restroom and sure enough poison control was right. I rode that out and all was well. Fast forward a year when im working as a paramedic. I get called to a young mther’s house who,in a panic,informs me her teenage son ingested one of those packets. I tell her no worries,he will just have diarrhea and keep him hydrated. She was initially impressed that we ‟must have to know all sorts of poisons and remedies,etc.” I informed her that no,i just ate one recently and know first hand. Her intial awe at my knowledge quickly turned to disdain and she called poison control herself to confirm. We quickly left. Since that time ive gone to medical school and am now a practicing physician. Its not a proud story from my medical past… you cant forget your roots though.


Patient: Doctor, I have a strawberry up my ass? Doctor: I have cream for that.


Now go. Think about what you’ve done.


This made me laugh more than anything I’ve read in a long time. Thanks so much for posting!


Haha! I love it.