A third of Roman slaves working on a British farm were decapitated by soldiers practicing ‘extreme discipline’. Fourteen of the bodies had evidence for skeletal trauma, including a broken finger, trauma to a right femur, fracture to an elbow, hip trauma and a healed cranial fracture.

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Remember this the next time people say that ancient slavery was benign.


Was burying them with their heads by their feet or legs meant to be disrespectful? Cause it kinda feels that way


The Celtic Holocaust by Dan Carlin is an incredible podcast detailing how Julius Caesar committed genocide against several nations of celts and germans. Ancient Romans and Greeks are often romanticized. They were brutal slavers, and stopped at literally nothing to dehumanize the people beneath them.


Ewww, what is wrong with our species.. so much cruelty across time and culture.


“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”