America’s health system is driving people with heart failure into financial catastrophe

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“America’s health system is driving everyone with any serious medical condition, illness, or injury into financial catastrophe” Fixed it


What a horrifying place America has become to live. The food industry pushes hyper-inflammatory “vegetable” oil and endless, amounts of sugar to destroy people’s health. Then the American medical industry operates like a ghoulish extortion cartel to take people’s life savings once they’ve succumbed to the ravages of the promoted diet. It’s a sickening, predatory system. The American ruling class has abdicated their responsibility to the well-being of the nation and use us as a crop to be farmed for our last dimes. If the goal of this kleptocracy is to hollow out the strength of the country, they’ve done a magnificent job.


Health System? Where is it?


It’s like there’s not a health care system at all….


We can take another step in a better direction by decoupling health insurance from employment. Note, I’m saying there’s no need for private insurance, hospitals or even that employers can’t contribute a stipend towards medical insurance. But, if individuals all had *some* form of insurance regardless of employment, and they could keep whatever coverage they wanted when switching jobs, and/or moving, it would reduce one point of complexity and needless conflation.