An 80-megapixel mosaic of the Moon I captured using modest equipment. Swipe to see upclose! [OC]

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Hey guys! This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the lunar surface. It’s a 60-panel mosaic made out of more than 120,000 images. For the project, I used a telescope in combination with a planetary camera to capture detail and I swapped the planetary for a DSLR to capture color. Using a technique called “lucky imaging” I try to negate the effects of our atmosphere on the detail of objects such as our Moon. My planetary camera records video in RAW format allowing me to get a high number of images in a very short time. By stacking a percentage of those frames (in this case around 120,000 total), that I consider not as affected by the atmosphere, I reduce noise and increase detail. Later on, those stacked panels are processed and stitched before compositing. Gear used: 🔭 Skywatcher Explorer 150p, eq3-2 with OnStep 📸 t7c Astro camera, Canon eos 600d I hope you guys enjoyed my TLDR of the process. It’s very time-consuming, but seeing the results after all the hard work is what makes it all worth the trouble in my opinion! If you’d like to know more about me and the work I do, please check out my Instagram (@jakicevichap) where I upload all of my work as some behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Feel free to comment your questions and opinions, I’d love to hear both. Thanks guys and clear skies!


That’s fuckin crazy bro. I got so lost in it. Especially that last picture with all the craters. Imagine what each impact might have felt like if you were on the surface? Or imagine how big they must really be if they look like that through a camera lense ? Or the thought of how many years between each impact? What did it look like before all the craters? So much wonder from a few a few pictures. Amazing.


I don’t understand where the color comes from


Gorgeous. Pics like these really dispell the notion that the moon is monotonous. Human eyes reveal but a sliver of the majesty surrounding us.


Are there any photos of the equipment left on the lunar surface?