An 86-year-old sugar mill worker was arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting his boss after his request to work another year was denied, say police

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That is one retirement plan.


This is going to be a lot more common. The reality is that hundreds of millions of workers in the US have no feasible retirement, and employers will dispose of them all as they age out. ​ We can make jokes, and disparage Cabrera, but it’s almost guaranteed that someone reading this will be “aged out” just like this, and it’ll practically be a death sentence when it does. When you get handed a death sentence, does it really matter what you do?


It may not have even been his managers decision, or part of his decision. They should have cut him loose for a real reason other than just he turned another year older. They could have had an appeal process, they could have cut his hours. He should never ever have put the gun in his pocket. That’s premeditated. Treat him like any other criminal.


A backup plan is good, but seriously, take a little more time on it next time.