Apple employees call for more flexible remote work policy in letter to Tim Cook

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Tim’s gonna be upset when he realizes he built that state-of-the-art building for nothing lol


I do wonder if this will end up backfiring in a way. If everyone is remote anyway, what’s the incentive in hiring local employees? Why wouldn’t you just go full cheap workforce, hiring from countries with much lower median incomes? What’s the upside of hiring local if they’re not in the office anyway?


I hope they get it. They clog up 280 when they all go to work


Apple is like the most top-down of all of the FAANGs. I can’t see this going over well with the execs. I actually expect a few of the signees to get shit-canned


If I were Tim Cook I would be very reluctant to abandoned the work process of the last ten years that has been so successful. I get it, people want to work for home, but the goal of the company is to reward investors too.