Armed cattle thieves kill 88 people in attacks on villages in northwest Nigeria

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It sounds more like they’re mass murderers who also have a cattle rustling side business.


I’ve lived in an area with a cattle war…it fucking sucked. Everyone is suspect and the cops have already been paid off by everyone…


If anyone is wondering what anarcho-capitalism looks like, it’s this. Everyone who thinks that without rules the cream will rise to the top will be shocked when they find out that when people group together they are more powerful than the sum of their parts, and whoever has the biggest group has the most power and whoever the biggest group in your area is gets to tell you what to do.


>Armed gangs in Nigeria, referred to as “the bandits,” have recently stepped up attacks on villages and schools, kidnapping hundreds of students to receive ransoms from authorities and parents. So they’re secular Boko Haram. Great.


This is what happens in a state of nature with different competing tribes involved: raidings. Raiding is probably the oldest type of low intensity warfare and Steven Pinkner talks about it in his book “The better angels of our nature”. Edit. Forget to add that while reading the mentioned book I discovered that the highly romanticized Western Knights were just a more advanced types of cattle raiders that took power by raiding other knights possessions and causing as much damage as possible like slaughtering peasants thus making for the attacked Knight difficult to turn his land into a productive asset.