At least 100 cats, 1 dog rescued in ‘largest cat hoarding case in the history of Arkansas’

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Can you imagine the smell? Those poor animals.


Can’t wait to see the Netflix special on this!


Why is that dog hoarding so many cats… what a nutter


Years ago I was looking for odd jobs and landed one cleaning out someone’s garage. The woman who hired me was concerned about rodents and didn’t want her husband to know she had hired anyone – she wanted tell him she was doing the cleaning. Fine. She confides in me that her husband is a “bit of a hoarder” so this needed to be done while he wasnt around, or he would insist on keeping things. So, I get going, and it’s a wreck, there’s stuff in this garage from God knows when, which is weird because they’re weren’t that old – they had kids under 10.


You know that dog is freakin’ happy about this.