Atheists who live in an atheist household are some lucky bastards and don’t realize it. I live in a Muslim household with “get married already” and “start praying 5x a day already” annoyance I deal with every other day.

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Oh I bet more realize it than you think. That’s legal child abuse and we all recognize. Sorry you’re dealing with that.


You’re right, I wish I was raised by atheists instead of Christians. I’m 41 and have been living on my own since I was 20. It doesn’t stop when you move out. Both my wife and I missed out on any real relationship with our parents, or had any good parenting advice, because our parents base their lives on faith. “How are you doing mom/dad?” gets the superficial “Blessed, God is good” response, and “Mom/dad, I really need some advice about (insert major life decision)” is met with “Pray about it and find a good church”. Anything bad that happens… “That’s because you don’t worship God anymore”, or “Trust that God has a plan for you”. No pragmatic parental advice whatsoever, we missed out on years of guidance.


I live in France in a family that doesn’t give a crap about religion. I have thought during a long time that it was the most common thing, since all my friends and all the people I know are in the same situation. My country started its separation with church 250 years ago (churches were destroyed, dismantled, people were beheaded, “laïcité” was promulgated, etc.). The separation between church and state is effective since that time. Of course, it look a long time before atheism became the norm, but the fact that, in France, religion has nothing to do with the state helped a lot: people could decide to become atheist without any authority telling you that it’s bad, or forcing you. I know now that I am lucky. I also know that, at some point in the history of my family, some of my ancestors have suffered a lot because of the church, and may have contributed, sometimes with their lives, to the freedom I enjoy everyday. I hope that, in my life, I will have such a decisive and beneficial influence for the future generations.


Move out, or if you are too young start planning now so you can leave on the day you are old enough, you will never really know happiness until you separate yourself from the stupid religious culture.


May you escape and be allowed to be the person you are. That freedom will feel wonderful.