Audit: Arkansas sheriff’s office misused nearly $71,000

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This is just the result of an audit over something that happened in 2019. A former chief deputy took advantage of the Sherriff being mentally distracted after having one of his deputies get murdered on the job in July 2019 and made numerous unauthorized purchases. The chief deputy was caught fairly quickly and resigned last year, in March 2020. The audit was to find out just how badly he took advantage (they only knew of about $10k when he resigned) and find exactly what the money was spent on. Probably so they’ll know what to put on the search warrant for the former chief deputy.


Yeah, another friday. This is endemic. I would posit 70%+ does this. Frames people, cheat on payroll, etc.


The sheriff’s office was awarded the good government prize for least Corrupt in Arkansas.


*Cops steal a shit ton of money and aren’t arrested.


That’s all? Even graft is unimpressive in Arkansas.