Banned Mormon Cartoon – EXTENDED VERSION… how can anyone hear this, have an understanding of it, and actually be like woah this making a lot sense and totally plausible?

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All religions have this stuff, so I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it’s a feature. Religion taps into some state of mind where you can get people to believe something that their common sense tells them is as absurd as any fairy tale. The Christian word for it is “faith”, and it seems a superposition of believing and not believing. It’s a lot like what George Orwell described as doublethink. Part of it is presumably the early childhood brainwashing that it’s wrong not to believe. And there’s a dynamic where believing is an act of loyalty and you earn merit by having faith. So the bigger a whopper you make yourself believe, the more you feel like you’ve earned something. And of course they’re personally emotionally invested in the whole thing. To admit that it’s nonsense would be to admit they’re fools and suckers, and all the merit they’ve imagined they’ve earned with Jesus would become meaningless. And it’s also a group thing, where they stick to the group story to protect their identity as a member of the group. That’s probably deeply wired into us as social animals. And there’s the attraction of constructing an internal fantasy life around an imaginary friend that you can feel is real. And specific stuff religion uses as, like an afterlife fantasy, or making people feel guilty and offering magical forgiveness, or telling people that if they need religion for morality or purpose, etc. Anyway that’s just armchair thoughts on it. But I’ll also mention each of those factors in believing nonsense is something you see in other non-religious contexts, whether it’s people in denial about something, or people who buy into nationalism or some ethnic narrative, or people who buy into woo woo, quack medicine, multi level marketing schemes, professional wrestling, QAnon, etc.


Well, have you read the book of moron? If you have, are you really still questioning whether someone who believes that could possibly not believe something? I mean, if you believe that, the bar is already really, really low.


I wish they had more cartoons like this for more religions… That said, if you grow up in something that is also your social life, family life, and work life and life is going okay without any major issues – why question? Especially if by questioning, you can be cut off from all that. Remember – most people only convert/deconvert if under stress or if something extreme is messed up.


I was today years old when I learned that Mormonism is literally all about sex. I left when I was 16 (20 years ago). There is so much I didn’t even know when I left! ETA: lmao totally thought this was posted in exmormon ETA again: so they totally don’t teach this stuff to kids (or didn’t in the 80s and 90s). A lot of the crazier doctrine isn’t revealed until you’re an adult and temple worthy. Even then, you only get a little bit at a time (think temple marriage ceremonies, baptisms for the dead, other extremely bizarre and Masonic ceremonies). Eventually, when you’re old and fully brainwashed, as long as you have a penis, you get all of it. Same goes with missionaries. They won’t tell you anything of any substance until they’ve converted you. They refer to it as “the milk before the meat”. My own sister very cleverly refused to confirm a lot of the craziness I heard by saying things like “well I’ve personally never heard of that”. I only recently discovered that she was trained in how to thwart questions like mine from non believers (thanks exmo community). Fortunately, my sis finally left the church 2 years ago and, as it turns out, is totally gay. I am too. That’s why I left when I was 16.


It’s more funny than anything else, but to be clear this cartoon was not created by mormons