Chasing Coral (2017) Shocking and Eye-Opening ocean documentary on Netflix explaining the importance of how fast coral reefs are disappearing due to the rising temperatures of the ocean. You will see rarely-seen effects of climate change in action. [1:28:58]

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Amazing documentary, gives a very detailed scientific, personal and emotional look at coral bleaching its causes and the effects it has on a wide range of factors. I visited Australia in 2013 and again in 2019/2020, in seven years three of the dive sites i visited in 2013 were bleached out, its heartbreaking to watch, even worse to see firsthand. Really recommend this one to anyone interested in exotic / underwater ecosystems.


Great film. Lots of hardwork put in and very cool (and shocking) events caught on film. The film that inspired it, Chasing Ice (2012) is also fantastic.


One of the saddest movies on Netflix. Don’t watch it if you are not feeling great. The research scientist on the Barrier who sees coral die offs just breaks your heart


This documentary was devastating to watch. Imagine seeing a forest the same size as a city die along with all the animals in it in a matter of weeks😫


THIS DOC CHANGED MY LIFE! Shortly after this came out, my company FlyQuest started a 24/7 live stream on Twitch of our Salt Water aquarium in support of Coral.Org. We recently relaunched with proceeds going to the American Solar Energy Society as a focused approach for green energy initiatives. I personally became obsessed with Coral, got my own tank and now have an immense love for the oceans. If you’;re interested check us out! [](