China’s disenchanted youth ‘lie flat’ to cope with modern life

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I think it’s kind of telling that the government’s only response to these people is “Isn’t working 12 hour shifts until you die kind of heroic?” Kinda rings hollow when you realise how meaningless that daily grind really is.


I think it’s kind of sad and funny that the “Chinese Dream” is ringing as hollow as the “American Dream”.


Tldr: Young chinese, tired of working long days for low wage, high rents, and unachievable goals, have lowerd the bar and content themselves with doing the bare minimum.


If you can’t win, don’t play. Makes sense to me. Also lol @ alt-right Pepe


It’s the same in the US. The only way anyone with a PhD gets hired, from what I heard from my advisor, from a recruiter, and based on my long experience trying to get a job, is to find someone to pull them in a company’s back door. I’m absolute proof that ability has *nothing* to do with it. The relationship between ability and employment is completely scrambled by hiring managers trying to please their friends rather than hiring the best people. My job search experience broke me. Trying more isn’t an option, so I stopped trying and I Doordash instead. Maybe I should beg for help from friends, family, and colleagues, but I don’t want to ask for the nepotism I’ve grown to hate, and the search process is just too traumatic. I tried for years, hundreds of applications, had 5 in-person interviews at great places, and got 5 rejections. I owe a ton of money and haven’t made payments in 4 years. I’ve committed myself twice due to breakdowns. I can’t handle another rejection. There’s a good chance I’ll end up killing myself. It’s not on the calendar, but it would be a normal thing for someone to do in my situation. I’ve failed my fiance, who wants to get married, have kids, buy a house, etc. I want those things too, but we know there’s no way we could afford them for now, and I don’t see things changing, ever, on my end. I’m over 40, my PhD knowledge is getting very rusty, and a bankruptcy is probably looming in my future. I’m a wash up, a waste. I’ve seen a few therapists, but I have an actual real-life problem that they *cannot* help me with. There’s no such thing as a therapist/headhunter. Maybe there are therapists that specialize in cases like mine, but I think it’s hard to find. If it’s common, then my therapists have been negligent in not bringing it up or referring me. (Psychology feels like it has barely moved beyond enemas and bloodletting. It’s just useless conversation and obvious remarks from a kind person.) Don’t tell me to call some hotline or to think about how my suicide would hurt others. Those things make you feel better, they don’t help my situation. Trust me, I’m in it. My situation is bizarre and totally unsettling. I have 8 years of industry experience (programmer before college), a BS math and PhD in physics (data science degrees are a new thing and not common). My achievements in data science competitions *objectively* place me in the top 0.1% *of data scientists*. But I’m Doordashing. That should not be possible! I’ve availed myself to employers HUNDREDS OF TIMES! How? How? HOW? What the FUCK is WRONG with them? Hiring managers shouldn’t be shuffling people’s career expectations vs achievement based on who’s popular and who is friends with who. Your colleague’s college buddy who worries that ten “print i” statements could be a choke point could not hold a candle to someone like me. For a single data science competition, I taught myself Python, its data science libraries, and coded a Cythonized, object-oriented, cloud-resident submission. I did that in 8 weeks and placed in the top 2%. Your college buddy should be okay with a lower level position than someone with a PhD and my ability. Looking back, I should have accepted the job offer that fell in my lap after getting a PhD, instead of doing a postdoc. After the postdoc, I should not have started a small business. I should have reached out to colleagues instead of trying to do something more interesting. I should have had less faith in myself and in hiring processes. On the other hand, it’s not my fault that hiring managers can’t catch a prize fish in a barrel, or apparently can’t find their own asses with both hands. I did **the** thing that should have gotten me through a company’s front door, and I did it hundreds of times, yet now I’m Doordashing, as if my talents wouldn’t help anyone improve anything at all. “Lying flat” describes me, but it’s the best I can do for now. I did my half. Way more, actually, than what reasonably should have been my half. If things keep going like this for a lot of people, a suicide pandemic is coming. I can’t do my research any more, because I don’t have a day at peace. My research would be valuable to society, but it’s mentally taxing and I can’t do it when I’m worried about rent, food, and whether life is even worth it. I would have been fine and I’d be productive now if employers had upheld their end of the social bargain. The extreme incongruity of my case proves that they don’t. Tribalism is humanity’s worst trait.