Christian Summer Camp Leader Accused of Inappropriately Touching Many Girls

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Excuse me while I try to contain my surprise


It’s not that every Christian leader is a adulterer, sexual deviant, closeted self-hating homosexual/bisexual, or a child molester – it’s that positions of leadership in organizations with little to no oversight and explicit trust in their leadership are highly attractive to the kinds of people who not only crave power,. It who crave a specific kind of sexual power over others. The fact that church leadership is full of perverts is not a flaw – it’s a design feature.


Some denominations have instituted strict rules for anyone in contact with children such as requiring background checks and training (including about sexual abuse) , never allowing one adult to be alone with children, setting a minimum adult:child ratio, etc. They ALL need to do so and individual churches not part of a denomination should, too.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing all because some imaginary fucker forgives them when asked..


No. I’m shocked.