Cruise ships restart in Venice, bring environmental protests

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You mean they don’t want a giant boatload of asshole tourist who leave they city in ruins and provide no economical value for the trouble they leave?


Can we just not with the giant cruise ships? They are so gross and destructive, it’s past time to let that industry die


From what I understand Venice is something of a museum now. It’s too expensive for working people to live, hence it shuts down when the last train leave. Most of the apartments are second homes for rich families and are shuttered most of the year. Not that cruise ships are the answer but tourism seems to be the main industry that supports Venice.


Fuck cruise ships.


The back to business as usual plan is going to be the final nail in our coffins. We’ve had a nice little precursor to collapse with Covid-19 and have learned nothing. I’d be lying if I said I was surprised. Human beings, despite our supposed intellect, are just another species in Overshoot, nothing more.