Five additional coffins found at 1921 Tulsa massacre search site

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I’m starting to think America might be a racist country


I’m actually surprised they had coffins, so many were buried so quickly, reports from towns downstream of Tulsa said the Arkansas River was full of bodies floating over the next few days. I hope they are able to identify bodies and reach out to family members still living


I don’t want to make an oversimplified comparison, but the Tulsa Race Massacre sounds a lot like a Jewish pogrom in that Blacks were targeted and murdered, and their homes and businesses were looted and destroyed.


Jeez at 58 I first heard of this by my president. Ffs 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Wait. You’re telling me that the Tulsa massacre in Watchmen was REAL?! I’m not from the US, so I thought that was still alternate universe stuff for the series!! Edit: I just finished reading the wiki page on it, and holy shit people just acted like it didn’t happen? People were killed and displaced, homes and businesses destroyed, but y’all went ‘welp just another day in America’ and carried on like it was a false alarm?!