Full human genome sequenced 20 years after the first draft

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> By making the data available on public repositories and preprint servers, McClelland adds, the consortium “has allowed us, and many others, to start making use of the new reference immediately.” I don’t know how they got away with this, but it’s awesome. I mean, I get the argument that humanity isn’t really copyright-able, but that doesn’t mean this newly found data and isn’t something someone would try to keep protected to profit from. It took new machinery and new approaches to complete this, so there’s clearly something novel and expensive required to get this data and that usually means it’s held hostage from the world for profit. But somehow not in this case. So for whatever agreement that predates this that made this possible, I’m grateful.


For those of us with little to no background with this kind of stuff what does this mean for humanity?


Excellent work by T2T Consortium for filling in the gaps on Human Genome after 2 decades


What does this mean? They obviously haven’t sequenced every human alive I’ll never understand people downvoting for asking questions on reddit. I’m just here to learn y’all and some other folks posted some great answers.


So what can we do with this info?