Getting pregnant because of a failed contraception is not a “blessing from God”.

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A 15 yr old girl isn’t legally allowed to adopt a baby. Because she’s not an adult. Why would anyone think she’s ready for motherhood?


There is a fair chance that the religious types would claim a pregnancy from rape is a blessing.


We should require all hospitals to provide abortions cost free and confidentially for all women including minors. But instead in the bible belt abortions are effectively unavailable to minors on their own. Because Jesus.


I find the idea of any pregnancy being a blessing as offensive. It literally kills women all the time. If some entity intentionally decided women needed to go through the pain of labor or having their vaginas rip open just to further the human race, that mfer is stone cold evil. Pregnancy is a curse that some people brave for emotional reasons. Forcing anyone to go through all that because their imaginary friend said so is horrific


It seems they view it as either a weird blessing, or as in my family’s case, a punishment. I was 17 and pregnant and all I heard was the likes of “well that’s what you get, the consequences of your actions” and “now you have to raise a child so you better grow up!” That was 23 years ago and life hasn’t been easy for me or my now grown child. The rest of my family are still religious and they have never been all that helpful. Guess I paid for my “sin”. I feel alone but at least I’m not controlled by religion anymore.