Guy hears about a prostitute at a local motel, so he goes and knocks on the door…

A voice answers, asking what he wants. GUY: I want to get fucked. Voice: Sure, slide $20 under the door. The guy slides it under, stands and waits. After a few minutes pass and the door still hasn’t opened, he knocks again… Guy: I said, I’m here to get fucked! Voice: What, again?

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A guy is driving through Nevada and sees a sign along the road with a large cross and the words “Sisters of Mercy House of Prostitution, 5 miles ahead”. He shakes his head and thinks “I must have read that wrong.” He continues on and a few minutes later see another sign, this one with a praying nun on it and the words “Sisters of Mercy House of Prostitution, Next Exit. So Good It’s Miraculous!”. He decides he has to see this so he pulls off, and following more signs soon pulls up in front of a large church. He knocks on the door and is greeted by an elderly nun. Very embarrassed, he mutters, “Um..I saw a sign by the I in the right place?” The nun smiles and says “Of course! Right this way!”. She leads him inside and down many twisting hallways, up stairs and down until he is thoroughly lost. Eventually they come to a large door and she says, “Give me $200 and go through this door and you will find exactly what you came for.” He can’t believe this kindly old nun would lie to him, so he hands over the cash and opens the door. The nun pushes him through and the door slams and locks behind him. He finds himself standing outside at the back of the church in front of another large sign that reads “Thank you, you have just been fucked by the Sisters of Mercy.”


All night long


I’ve seen this b4, it has been modified and shortened. The only mod is fucked instead of screwed


Updoots for proper delivery.


Got fucked out of twenty