Human brain and testis found to have the highest number of common proteins

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No thank you, I want to unlearn this. I don’t want zombies wanting to eat my balls.


This is not new. People have known for a long time that men have 2 competing brains.


I kept reading that as Tetris multiple times until I slowed down enough, but it was worth it for the laugh.


This can have some disturbing implications considering that prion diseases comes from misfolded protiens


When the surgery channel first made its appearance on cable, me and my mom watched it religiously until we watched a reverse vasectomy… brutal. When I’m trying not to vomit in my mouth a little while thinking about that surgery, I think of the incredibly dry doctor holding some dude’s testes in his hand and saying “they look quite a like the brain don’t they… that’s to be expected” I would’ve laughed harder at the deadpan delivery if I weren’t watching someone’s ball sack hanging onto their body by the narrowest strip of flesh you’ve ever seen… Ah gawds, I’m thinking about it again…