I just had a muslim tell me that being a non-believer is worse then being a rapist or murderer.

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This is what religion does: it denies human dignity in favor of its own glorification, executed through the agency of its leadership and followers. It’s about being part of something bigger than yourself and making yourself larger by proxy. So yes, believers will deny basic morality when it conflicts with their ideas about their religion. Because they’re taught that their religion must always be supreme. It’s why otherwise good people can behave like monsters.


How on earth when science has progressed so much and the knowledge of earth and our origin is so concrete yet someone can still believe in the concept of god is beyond me.


I assume anyone who claims not blindly trusting fairy tales is worse than rape or murder is probably engaged in such behavior.


Any god that creates an entire race of intelligent, thinking, feeling beings just to worship him and threatening them with eternal torture if they don’t is a narcissistic psychopath. Why would a being of literally infinite power need constant praise from being far lower than Itself?


Are his sisters safe?