If humans ever go extinct, the next species could have a whole Jurassic Park type movie franchise, but instead of cloning dinosaurs, it’s humans.

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Oh no! They escaped their enclosure and now they’re releasing greenhouse gases and wasting their time on the internet. . .RUN!


Scientist: *brings human back* Humans: “i need avocado toast right now LET ME SPEAK TO THR MANAGER” Scientist: “what have i done?”


Future species: “All right let’s bring some of these humans back. Let’s just pick randomly since we don’t have their prior histories on record.. hmmm. Okay. A ‘Hitler’, ‘Kayne West’ and one ‘Jake Paul’. This should be good start. “


Any species dumb enough to clone us after we are gone deserves that acid spit.


It would be cool if we found evidence of a billion year old advanced civilization on Mars and tried to clone their species.