if you had the option to restart your life from the beggining once you die, would you and why?

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If I can restart with memories of certain moments in my life where I made stupid decisions….and I knew making a different choice would’ve had better outcomes….100%


With the same life? To a keep my brain the way it is now? Do i get to change things or just relive it?


No. I wouldn’t have the motivation to do K-12 again.


I would love to restart my life over with the knowledge I had now because I know the biggest mistakes of my life and how to fix them. Who to never waste time with. Who is going to stand by me during the worst part of my life. Who is just hanging out with me cause I picked up the check. Who actually cares about me. Who I actually care about in the end.


To quote Bender: If I thought I had to live another whole life after this one I’d kill myself right now!