Infant at Investing

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Fidelity, Schwab, and vanguard are the three brokerages that are generally recommended here. So going with fidelity is fine.


Textbook investing advice begins with paying off any high interest debt, then putting aside 3-6 months emergency funds, then finally investing begins. Is that where you are?


The sidebar is a great resource. An sp500 etf with an expense ratio below .05 is a solid starting point for the first 100,000. Fxaix is fidelity’s own sp500 etf with an expense ratio of .015 which is a great deal. Buying individual stocks is closer to gambling than it is to investing. With no education it is easy to fall into the many sucker bets that are out there like penny stocks, forex, whole life insurance, or gold/silver. If a single etf doesn’t do it for you just Google a three fund portfolio. Maximize your tax advantaged accounts and emergency fund before investing in a regular taxable brokerage.


I’m a fan of vanguard. They have solid mutual funds that give you a good spread of stocks. They also have tools like a portfolio analyzer that will help you match the market and manage how much risk you want.


Fidelity offers tons of resources to help you learn. Lots of videos and online seminars, as well as very friendly customer service. They are also working on updates to their mobile app. It is a good option.