Israeli Army Forces Arrest Palestinian Activist Muna Al-Kurd

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You should watch the video on youtube where a settler claims her house. Extremly sad.


Why would they arrest her? Hamas don’t look up to her or any women lol, she’s a human rights activist.


the apartheid state is trying so hard to instigate a violent response from the Palestinians, the big shit wants to hold on to power


Israel should be put on a leash. What the hell is going on. They have a strong GDP, yet they beg like dogs for billions from the USA. They play a game of whack a mole with Hamas, yet they always seem to kill innocents instead. They claim they are the only democracy in the middle east, but they don’t mention they are also the only one committing apartheid. They bombed the shit out of a building housing international well-known journals and consulting firms on a whim that hamas been there for years. These people aren’t from the land, sure some are but the majority aren’t.


Israel media: hamas was hiding in her hijab